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Welcome to our Website

We are Stef and Enrick
We are students of 6ITN and for our GIP project we are going to make a robot!

Mr Probot

Mr Probot


It’s sometimes very difficult for parents to teach their children to clean up their own trash. That’s why we (Enrick and Stef) thought it was a good idea to find something to solve this problem. The idea is to teach/learn children to clean up their own trash in a playful manner, without a lot of input from their parents and in that way, it makes the lives of children but also of the parents easier.


Our idea for our GIP-project is to develop a robot that is able to pick up small pieces of plastic, paper (for example: biscuit packaging, small pieces of cardboard, cigarettes, bottle caps, etc.…) and take the trash to a bin/ place where the garbage is collected. Nowadays children have easily access to a tablet or smartphone from an early age and are able to use this as well as some adults do. That’s why it’s ideal to have the robot controlled via an app that is downloaded on a mobile phone or tablet.


But what is the final goal of our robot?

We would like to develop a robot and an app. The robot should be able to pick up pieces of plastic and as such. With our robot children can learn to clean up in a playful manner. And with the app it is also very easy to control the robot. This way of learning is a relief for some parents as well as for some children.

About us

Stef Nuyttens

Hello I am Stef Nuyttens, I am 17 years old and live in Sint-Gillis Dendermonde
My intrests are gaming, movies and watching Netflix.

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Enrick De Munter

Hello I am Enrick De Munter, I am 17 years old and live in Vlassenbroek.
My intrests outside of building our robot, are playing golf and riding my bike.

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The development of our project

foto enrick

Foto Probot App
We have ordered all our items and we have to wait for the first components to arrive.

We've started! All the components we have ordered have been delivered.

Enrick will put together the base of our robot, Stef is busy drawing the arm!

Enrick has decided to start making the app, he is going to make the application by using Xamarin.

Enrick has been very busy with our app, but it is nearly finished.

Today we must present our robot in front of the jury.
Foto Probot Project Ontwikkeling 2
After a little break we are back!! Enrick is writing the code for the Bluetooth connection and Stef is adjusting the arm.

We are very busy programming the code of the robot. We have attached the wheels to the Arduino as well as the Bluetooth module.

Stef is finished with the arm and it is ready to be printed.

Today we have 3D printed the first parts of the arm.

Development of our project


Here you can find our log.